Tips to choose best Outdoor Car Body Cover?

A car is one of our expensive investments, so keeping it safe and protected is our duty. Just like any other investment, (certifit auto body parts) you would also want to maintain a higher value for your car. Using an outdoor car body cover is key to slowing your car’s depreciation. Keeping your car outside can make it vulnerable to rain, mold, dust, and bird droppings. Also, excessive UV exposure can damage the paint finish. 

A premium-quality car cover is all that you need to protect your vehicle and maintain its shine for a long time. However, the car material plays a significant role in its efficiency and performance. 

Which is the Best Material for a Car Cover?

When you are looking for a car cover, make sure to choose a breathable fabric to ensure air circulation beneath. Sufficient air circulation can stop mold growth resulting from trapped moisture. If you stay at a place that receives rainfall throughout the year, then buy the best waterproof car cover in India. The waterproof car cover can stop moisture damage and repel water. 

The Various Outdoor Car Body Cover Options Available in the Market

To protect your car, you need the best car cover. But if you are unsure about which material to choose, then prefer buying from an online store. Online outdoor and in-car accessories & certifit auto body parts store offers a huge assortment of car cover materials to cater to your diverse needs. Each material type has different benefits to meet the protection level that you want.

DuPont Tyvek

DuPont car cover offers maximum protection for both outdoor and indoor use. DuPont Tyvek can shield your car from various elements. DuPont Tyvek is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and is a highly breathable fabric. 

It keeps mold and dust at bay by preventing them to settle on your car’s surface. It further stops moisture from causing any kind of damage to your car.

Non-Woven Fabric

Non-woven car covers are your best choice if you want to protect your car indoors from dust. The satin car covers prevent scratches on your car’s body by offering protection to the clear coat finish. They are long-lasting and lightweight and therefore the perfect option for soft, indoor storage.


For all types of weather protection, the L-series car covers are the best. The L-series car covers are moisture-resistant and breathable at the same time. It ensures there is no trapping of moisture and heat on your vehicle’s finish. The high-tech car cover material is dust and UV-resistant too.


Plastic covers are great options if you need a short-term and temporary solution to keep your vehicle safe from debris and dust, while there is a construction project underway nearby or when you have undertaken a serious construction project. N-series come with a single layer, unlike the K-series. They cannot protect your car from harsh weather conditions, hailstorms, etc. 

Here’s How You Can Buy the Right Material Outdoor Car Body Cover 

It is annoying when you witness bird droppings on your car’s surface. You are equally disappointed when you come across leaves and dust all over your car. You can stop these problems with the best car cover for you. Here are a few things to make sure of when you are shopping for car cover material.

Go for a Snug Fitting Cover

The age for a one-size-fits-all cover is now a thing of the past. Presently, you will come across general sizes in car covers; A, B, C and so on. While size A is good for a small hatchback car like Hyundai Eon, Maruti Alto, etc. The size B is for slightly bigger cars. You can find which size will fit which car brands on the packaging list itself. However, if you are driving something rare, then invest in a cover that has the nearest size.

Tying the Car Cover Down

Car covers come with a single central strap featuring a clip buckle. This is sufficient if you mostly park your car indoors. But if you mostly park your car outdoors, then make sure the car cover features more than one tie-down point. You can create various tie-down points using different-colored shoelaces and poking them through the car cover to make new points. 

The easiest tie-down points are your car’s wheels and the tow hooks. You can easily find out the left and front-back sizes of your car cover when you use different-colored shoelaces.

Dust Your Car Cover Once in a While

A car cover acts as a layer between the dust and your car. However, you must dust the car cover weekly to ensure the residual dust doesn’t get inside the cover and settles on your body through seeping. Take someone’s help in grabbing each cover end and shake it thoroughly to get rid of the loose dust.

Before you set out to buy the outdoor car body cover, make sure to determine its usage frequency, your car model, and whether you are buying it for indoor or outdoor use. 

Ultimately, which material is the best for your outdoor car body cover depends on your personal choice. However, the best material car cover should be 100% dust-resistant, waterproof and durable. All of these features make for the best car cover. Also, don’t forget to check the warranty period of the product when you are buying them online. 

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