Why A good Website Can be a Good Present To you.

Why A good Website Can be a Good Present To you.

Tonight I had dinner with a business friend known as Scott. Scott has a degree in engineering, and his engineering brain is obsessed with SEO. I’ve been instructing SEO 101 while we build Scott’s site. The last night, as we transitioned to SEO 101, to SEO 101, Scott couldn’t understand why I didn’t offer this course to each client.

Truth is that 99% of my clients don’t even care. The pay for me is to ensure that their SEO and website are in good hands and I don’t wish to stress about it.

It is a robot.txt blocker web developer near me file is used to stop spiders or tells search engines to avoid specific folders of files on your server. This typically is a way of keeping spiders away from the WordPress themes and core files.

In some cases, it could be the protected directory as white papers or other files which are not accessible. It’s simple but crucial for safeguarding your website and valuable web assets.

Why A good Website Can be a Good Present To you.

We All Make Mistakes

Few clients share Scott’s curiosity for information. They don’t comprehend it or care about it, or aren’t willing to listen to custom web development I talk about SEO and web design. My team is confident that they can handle the launch in a timely manner.

We do this because we’ve got our own project plan which we follow and make sure to check off as the work progresses. However, not every web design company or SEO consultant follows a checklist or a project plan.

They overlook things, that aren’t considered, and those “things” become opportunities for their clients to be competitive because it’s the small things that count the battle in the SEO arena and web design.

Paying a lot for pay-per-click campaigns

Three weeks ago, I was looking up competitors for potential clients and discovered that they had local rivals with all pages of their website shut off by search engine spiders. The home page was the only one included in Google’s index, which meant the firm was paying a lot for pay-per-click campaigns.

The company didn’t realize that their web designer or in-house webmasters had put their noindex tags on all of their websites. It was all I was able to do to keep myself from calling the company to inform them.

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The argument I’m trying to convey here is that a lot of consultants and firms in marketing make mistakes. Humans are human, and we all make mistakes. It’s not like abandoning a medical device due to an error made by a patient however, there are some big errors, however.

If you’re the customer or the web designer who is DIY You must protect yourself. You should have an education, and go through a brief overview of your site prior to and after it goes live. Also, make sure to do it well before paying the invoice.

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