Why is RoR Web Development so Popular?

Why is RoR Web Development so Popular?

Numerous programming languages fight for the leading position in regard to performance and functionality as web development grows. You may be familiar with some of these widely used web languages, such as JavaScript and all of its front-end frameworks, PHP’s ability to handle any online-related tasks, Java’s use for the back end, and Python Django’s fast processing periods.

One of these is the Ruby programming language, which was developed specifically for building reactive web interfaces, and the RoR web development is based on it. 

The origin of Ruby on Rails web development starts with David Heinemeier Hansson, who was developing Basecamp, a project management program. He enhanced the Ruby code and produced the Ruby on Rails framework that is still in use today.

What is Ruby on Rails?


Ruby is a flexible, versatile, and dynamic programming language. Ruby code is so human-like and comparable to English that even an individual who has never written a line of code may understand it to some extent.

It’s designed to accelerate your development so you can enjoy the results of your efforts immediately. You’ll soon be developing amazing websites, which is what you’ve always wanted to accomplish. It’s also well-liked, and for the time being, that seems to be the case.

Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails or RoR, is a well-known open-source platform. It turns 16 in 2020, so it’s not the new baby on the block, and it’s still one of the top options for online app developers.

Typical implementations of Ruby on Rails:

Although RoR isn’t ideal for all projects, it manages most of them extremely well, as we have stated. The typical implementations are as follows:

  • Web applications have common functions, almost of any kind.
  • Systems for managing content.
  • MVPs or prototypes.
  • Both big and small E-commerce stores.
  • Platforms for accounting, among several others.

The main implementations are MVPs and initial-stage products for a number of reasons. However, Ruby on Rails allows you to develop much more.

Why is RoR Web Development so Popular?

Popular Ruby on Rails Sites:

Numerous websites utilize Ruby on Rails as their server-side preferred language for the back end. If you’re looking for examples of businesses that used the RoR framework, these are our best recommendations:

  • Airbnb – Airbnb is a website designed for world travelers and other adventurers. The purpose is to interact with tourists who are looking for the ideal vacation location. With more than 200 million users, everyone can find a spot.


  • GitHub – Each web developer will recognize this as one of the most well-known web projects. Web-based hosting provider GitHub allows ROR developers to showcase all of their rails creations. Version control is also available, and the website is similar to social networking but for software development.


  • Hulu – If you enjoy binge-watching, you don’t need to learn about this web application. However, this is a media consumption program that streams TV and movies anywhere if you’re not aware of the paradox. Ruby on Rails is used to handle the daily connections from a significant user base without any issues.


  • Shopify – For individuals looking to enter the eCommerce market but aren’t web developers, there is Shopify. Shopify makes it simple to set up an online business, making it ideal for freelancers looking to increase their customers as well as business owners looking to grow digitally.


  • Basecamp – Project management software called Basecamp is used by groups that desire to work more efficiently. Everyone could benefit from it, including supervisors, companies, and individuals. You have to-do lists, timetables, bookmarks, discussion boards, automated verification, and more.


For which Projects is Ruby on Rails Best For?


Ruby on Rails is a general-purpose language, which means it can do almost anything, but this does not imply that it excels in each and every area. It performs particularly well in some areas.


  • Creation of e-commerce applications
  • Social media-like programs
  • SaaS ventures
  • Applications for live streaming
  • Interfaces for news, trade, and big data

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Although if you are yet a newbie, you can simply look up and execute these projects. You may wish to begin with something similar to the second point if you’re a beginner. On the website, the rails web application framework provides numerous recommendations for writing better and more effective code.

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