Why SEO Takes Time To Get Started

Positioning of websites is an activity that will allow you to gain new customers, build a brand image, which will result in great benefits. Unfortunately, the results do not come as quickly as expected by the business owners. You have to wait months for the effects of SEO activities. People who are not patient give up positioning their site in the search engine. In the following text we will try to explain why SEO takes time to start working,

The basic question – what is SEO?

SEO, from Search Engine Optimization in English, means activities aimed at giving your website a higher search ranking. The better the position in the results, the greater the likelihood that the potential customer will find the services offered by the company. For website positioning Keywords that are relevant to the industry in which the company operates have the greatest impact. Using the words selected for positioning over time will make the company’s website appear higher in Google searches. However, phrases and keywords aren’t the only important elements. In positioning, it is also important that the company’s website contains original and interesting content that will encourage the user to stay on the website, get acquainted with the services offered and, as a last resort, use them. Another important element is acquiring valuable links to the website address.

In practice, the goal of SEO is to increase the popularity of the site on the web. As well as making it easier for potential customers to search for services offered by your company and building a brand that will be known on the Internet.

Who should I hire for SEO activities and what to pay attention to?

The positioning and the time at which we will see its effects are influenced by several factors. Of course, we must take into account the specificity of the industry in which our company operates. If the competition in the market is fierce, it may take much longer to position our site in Google search engine. Less competition allows you to see the results at a faster pace. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the competition is probably also working on positioning your website.

If we are looking for someone who will deal with the positioning of our company’s website, it is worth choosing a person or SEOCottage that has experience in this field and has a professional approach to its work. The more experienced team takes care of website positioning, the sooner we will see the results. If an inexperienced SEOCottage or a private person will take care of SEO activities, we, as principals, will have to take into account that these activities will not bring the desired effect, which may result in a lower number of visits. Less traffic on the site equals lower site popularity and worse sales of the services or products we offer.

Another important aspect is determining where our company’s website is currently located. Are there valuable content rich in key words or phrases for our industry? If our website is not properly designed, the potential client will not spend much time on it. The site’s artwork also plays a large part in its ultimate success. It is good to make sure that our website is not subject to penalties for violating the rules of operation. These elements have a great impact on the time with which we will notice the first results of our website positioning.

Google often introduces changes to its policy that have a strong impact on the way and methods of website positioning. Google changes may cause the activities that have been bringing results so far, after their implementation, May not function so well, which will translate into a worse result. Therefore, it is good to commission the positioning of our website to a person or SEOCottage that constantly monitors what changes Google introduces and adjusts strategies to Google’s activities.

What positively affects website positioning?

An important step in SEO is building content on our website. However, these cannot be just any texts, but original and attractive content for visiting users. A good idea and very often used by the most popular websites on the market is to run an industry blog. On such a blog, it is best to include guides or content related to the field that the company deals with. Such a blog will help you attract the interest of users and potential customers. If you don’t have time to write such content, copywriters or SEO agencies will certainly do it for you.

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Successful positioning also depends on a phenomenon called link building. Link building is creating links between sites. As a rule, it happens naturally (organic positioning), with the help of Internet users who promote the site, e.g. on internet forums, exchange links. Building an organic database is not the fastest. However, every mention of our site and services builds up your rank in Google searches.

SEO activities take time and every person who deals with it professionally is aware of it. If we go to a SEOCottage or a person who has experience in this field and plans the entire strategy well, your website will gain position in Google searches overnight, until it is finally at the top. There is no prescription to speed it up, so be patient.

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