Latest Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

When you try to print a crucial document using your computer, your Brother printer tells you Brother printer is offline. In this case, it’s not a reason to panic, as it’s an issue common to Windows.

We will examine why the Brother printer isn’t working and how to fix the problem. It is recommended to follow these steps so that you do avoid having to face similar issues again.

Why is Brother Printer Showing Offline?

Brother printer owners know that following each update to Windows 10, users encounter issues with the printer becoming offline. The issue is that Windows 10 update or driver update issues aren’t the sole reason that causes you to an into an offline state, and the primary reason for this is the connection issue.

Check Brother Printer Connectivity

If your Brother printer is offline, You must examine the connection using the steps below:

1. Start by restarting your computer, and then wait about 2 to 3 minutes before your printer is fully operational.

2. Then, look to see if the printer is connected.

3. If you’re using the USB cable, connect it correctly and secure it to your computer and printer.

4. If you’re using a wireless connection or Wi-Fi, ensure that you’re connected to the correct network. The wireless light at the bottom of the printer should indicate that it is in a unison state if you’re connected to the correct network.

5. Finally, you can conduct an experiment print.

Review the steps outlined and learn how to verify Brother connection to the printer.

Steps to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline

There are many ways to resolve the issue for users to try to fix the Brother printer offline printer problem:

1. Make sure that the Brother printer is powered on and that there isn’t an error displayed on the screen.

2. Check if your Brother printer is linked to your computer.

3. Make sure your printer has been set to be your default printer within Windows 10 settings.

4. You can delete all your printing jobs in the printer properties menu.

5. Finally, remove the device from your system if you notice an image from that Brother printer’s icon.

Look at the steps in the previous section to quickly resolve the issue with the Brother printer not working.

Summing Up

Follow the steps as described in the guide. You will also learn about troubleshooting techniques to figure out how to resolve this Brother printing offline Windows 10 issue. It is recommended to follow the steps carefully and then determine the problem efficiently. If facing another case, you should visit the Brother printer’s official site to resolve the issue quickly.

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