Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Thanksgiving is seen by some as the unofficial beginning of the holiday season. Black Friday is approaching, Halloween has just passed, and Christmas and the New Year are about to storm in with countdowns, pyrotechnics, and big-bearded guys in red giving out presents.

This period provides you with the ideal opportunity to capture your audience’s attention early with your Thanksgiving promotions and social posts and place yourself at the front of their minds because there are so many consumer holidays coming up.

We’ve compiled a list of our best suggestions for using social media to boost sales throughout the 2022 Thanksgiving season to assist you.

Thanksgiving Day Social-media Promotional Ideas

Thanksgiving Day’s advantages for e-commerce may be overlooked by some merchants as they focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaigns. Merchants might wish to rethink their stance because Thanksgiving internet sales in 2019 increased by 21 percent from the previous year.

Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

1. Communicate with Customers about Thanksgiving

Talk to your consumers on Facebook and Twitter on Thanksgiving Day about what the holiday means to them. As consumers communicate their thanks with you, be sure to express your own. And it goes beyond writing handwritten notes on Thanksgiving cards or stopping strangers on the street to express your love. It also involves letting people see what goes on behind a company’s closed doors and its human aspect. 

This presents a wonderful chance to provide positive material about the things you are grateful for. It will showcase the company’s priorities and develop into an all-around positive article.

2. Make It Thanksgiving ‘Week’

Set up a series of social media postings to go live every day throughout the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Create visuals for the postings using apps like Canva and Pixlr.

Showcase your staff in a variety of ways throughout the week leading up to Thanksgiving, if you have any.

A Facebook picture album of your workers’ Thanksgiving family reunions or a movie where each employee recalls a cherished Thanksgiving Day memory are some ideas for highlighting the voluntary work in which they participate.

There’s a potential that your staff members may post those highlights on Facebook and share them with their family and friends, which will promote your company to even more people.

3. Engage with Thanksgiving Events

The concept of Thanksgiving is based on a few timeless components: family, delectable food, parades, football, etc.

Consequently, these components may provide you with the foundation for generating your marketing material when it comes to Thanksgiving theme ideas.

It’s a great chance to engage in real-time social dialogue on Twitter during Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is also a chance for you to advertise your items with innovative tweets that use brand-relevant hashtags.

Another Thanksgiving Day custom involves watching college football when local rivals compete for the chance to claim the title for the next season. Use your intention to watch the big game as an excuse to subtly advertise your brand on the Facebook page and Twitter account of your business.

Thanksgiving Promotions: How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

4. Get a Jumpstart on Black Friday Sales

Knowing your target audience and where you fit in the market are key components of social media marketing. The comScore report suggesting increased sales on Thanksgiving was previously highlighted. Those figures are probably going to rise as more and more retailers start their Black Friday discounts earlier. Consider joining the trend and beginning your Black Friday marketing campaigns early as well.

5. Give something away for free

There is a purpose for the name “thanksgiving.” Offer to give something out for free on that day, such as free delivery or a gift with every order.

6. Provide Helpful Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Create some useful travel advice for your clients and publish it on social media throughout the Thanksgiving period.

7. Curate Thanksgiving-themed Collections on Pinterest

Add a Thanksgiving-themed board with dish suggestions, the aforementioned travel advice, table settings, suggestions for what to do with leftovers, and more if you use Pinterest to promote your products. Add pertinent goods to the mix and share pins on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

8. Run a Thanksgiving Sweepstakes or Contest

Sweepstakes and competitions focused on Thanksgiving are an excellent way to expand your prospect database before the holiday season, which might result in higher sales in the weeks that follow.

A Thanksgiving dinner giveaway is one concept that would be a perfect match for the holiday and which might attract plenty of attention and social media sharing.

You may buy digital gift cards from stores like Boston Market, Target, Safeway, and Whole Foods and email the winner. Include a clause in the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes or contest stating if you want to utilize the participants’ email addresses in future promotions.

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We hope, these 8 Thanksgiving marketing suggestions will inspire you to start writing your holiday articles. You want to be able to market your company and your offerings without blatantly joining the holiday trend or employing the identical Thanksgiving post concepts as the thousands of other firms. Using unique, captivating themes and graphics is one of the greatest methods to stand out in your Thanksgiving posts.

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